Since I received lots of mail about the yellow garter superstation, I thought a brief update was in order this week.

Daisy Gordon made the garters herself.

Now, a garter, even one made from silk, is no great sewing feat, but as some of you know, especially if you’re also watching the marvelous photos on the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace Facebook wall, Daisy’s talents did not extend to the fibre arts.  The Helpful Hands Club debacle is a famous proof of this lack of ability.  In boarding school, when Daisy wrote home frequently for money, she used some of that scarce commodity to pay a friend to do her mending for her!

As she made the garter, she fretted that her friend’s might not be sturdy enough.  “In my haste and inexperience at such work,” she wrote, “I fear it will strike you as a fizzle but I assure you, I look at each stitch with pride.”*

In this case, Daisy did have cause to be proud of her handiwork.  Her garter, at least, held up the entire year she wore it.
 Juliette Gordon to Mary Gale Carter, 9 March 1883, George Hyde Clarke Family Papers, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, MS2800/6/2.