Wendy Wolf, my good editor at Viking/Penguin has released the title of my biography, and it is…..

Juliette Gordon Low:  
The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts

A lot of thinking goes into titling a book. It has to be succinct, easy to understand, and catchy. Certainly a title should honestly encapsulate the book’s contents. Ideally, a title is memorable and/or evocative. It needs to be clear to people who don’t know too much about the subject. We thought about using “Daisy” in the title–but then figured that non-Girl Scouts would not have been likely to know that nickname. These days, publishers also have to think about web search engines and how a book will appear as people go looking for it on google and elsewhere.

The story of her life is amazing to me, and she was definitely a remarkable person. I hope you like the title.

Now you’ll want to know what’s next…and that would be the design for the book jacket. If a picture is worth a thousand words, as our Wellesbourne House photographer friend Clive Hanley insists, then the cover of the book is ten thousand times more critical than the title! The brilliantly creative people at Viking are working on it. I was incredibly lucky to have Maggie Payette create the cover for Alice, and it was better than anything I ever dreamed imaginable.

So, fingers crossed for a similarly striking cover for…what was that title again? Oh, yes!…for Juliette Gordon Low:  The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts.