These recent posts of courtship and art made me think that this week I’d simply provide a glimpse into Daisy’s world from her own pen.  She thoroughly enjoyed a fancy dress ball she attended in Savannah in the 1880s.  Because her dear friend Mary was abroad and couldn’t share in the fun, Daisy described the dress she wore in a letter:

“My character was a daisy which was unmistakable if it had no other virtue.  The skirt white satin, over wh. fell panels of white plush to represent daisy petals. The body green satin to represent a bud with small white satin petals coming out at the neck and sleeves, my hat consisted of a big Daisy so did my fan[,] my hair in two long pigtails down my back.”[i]

Then she drew a picture to help Mary visualize it:

Here’s a close-up of the head:

I find this simply charming!

[i]Juliette Gordon to Mary Gale Carter, 27 January [n.y.], George Hyde Clarke Family Papers, Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections, Cornell University Library, MS2800/22/1.