I am leaving tomorrow morning for the Printers Row Lit Fest in Chicago, and looking forward to talking about Juliette Gordon Low again. Since this will not be an audience of Girl Scouts, I hope that my panel, late on Sunday morning, will allow me to spread the word about Juliette Low to the (sold out!) audience that has likely not ever heard of her. For Juliette Low to receive her due place in the history books, all Americans–I believe–need to know about her remarkable life and accomplishments.

Of course this blog is one way I have been trying to educate broadly about Juliette Low. It is impossible for me to know how many people my blog reaches. I appreciate so much those of you who read and comment. Writing the blog has been a great joy over these past two years. But now that the book is published, I–like many Girl Scout troops–will take a summer break and return to the blogosphere in the late summer/early fall. Then, I will continue my stories of Juliette Low and her life, at least until the paperback edition comes out–probably in February 2013.

You can reach me at stacycordery@gmail.com with any ideas or topics you’d like me to cover in future blogs. You can write me at that address, too, should you want a signed bookplate for your copy of Juliette Gordon Low: The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts.

In the meantime, I shall turn my attention to several things: my family and friends, projects put on hold because of the Juliette Low biography, class preparation for the fall semester, and thinking up another book topic! Anyone in particular you’d like to read about??? Let me know!

Have a grand summer, and I’ll be back soon!