Here’s a Crazy Daisy short bit–

In the fall of 1897, Willy Low was off shooting without his wife, Juliette “Daisy” Low. In a letter to her Aunt Eliza Stiles, Daisy explained how she and her friend, Jessie (who was perhaps her sister-in-law, Jessie Low Graham), were together at the home of the Clan McIntosh, possibly Moy Castle but probably Meallmore, the hunting lodge she and Willy rented:

“The McIntosh (our landlord) is charming and his wife is very like me. Last week I was asked there, because Willy and Mr. Jimmy Guthrie have gone…shooting, and I would have been alone here.  Jessie and Hyde were there and Jess and  I retired at intervals to my room, where I stood on my head and Jessie screamed aloud, to let off steam. The whole atmosphere of the house was frigid….

“I asked the McIntosh to bring some of his party here to lunch last Thursday and they were like children out of school! The MacIntosh himself danced a sword dance, in front of the house, after lunch, across two fishing rods, and afterwards went in my canoe….”

A little glimpse into Daisy’s life during the fall Scottish hunting season–and more evidence of her standing on her head!

Moy Castle


Juliette Gordon Low to Eliza Stiles, 27 September 1897, Gordon Family Papers, MS319/14/152, Georgia Historical Society, Savannah, Georgia.
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