Whoo-hoo! Today I sent the final version of the book manuscript off to Viking in New York City! This step is a milestone in a book’s production. It means the biography is in their hands and I can no longer change anything. Now, I am left to battle the 3:00 a.m. demons that whisper “did you spell Dorris Hough with two “r”s? and “did you double-check that you used the right lake—Otsego and not Oswego?” and “did you remember to thank everyone who helped you in the Acknowledgements?” Well, no book is without its flaws, no matter how hard the team of writer, editor, and copyeditors works, but I am glad to have reached this stage.

And meanwhile, I see that the book is now available for pre-order on Amazon or Barnes and Noble! That was fun to discover! We don’t have a cover design yet (when we do I will be sure to post it here!) but if you want a really good price, you can pre-order it–and you’ll be among the first to receive Juliette Gordon Low: The Remarkable Founder of the Girl Scouts when it is published!

Click here for the pre-order link from Amazon.com! You can “like” the book there, too.
Click here for the pre-order link from Barnes and Noble (bn.com)!

Thank you all, again, from the bottom of my heart, for reading and following my blog. It’s been a great thing to have you all along!

Regular blog post returns on Friday…