With grateful thanks to Stacy for allowing me to create another entry on her Daisy Low blog.

As I mentioned in my last guest blog, time had grown short for me on my first tour around some of the unseen parts of Wellesbourne House. However I made sure I was fully prepared for my next visit with a camera, wide angle zoom lens, tripod and flashgun. Tony the caretaker provided me with access to a couple of the original rooms in the house–the Dining Room and then the original Kitchen. It may be somewhat disappointing for viewers to see photos of these rooms as they are–empty of all furniture and most original fittings. However I’m simply grateful for having access to them. If they were occupied as offices then access may well have been denied to me. 

Of course the piece de resistance was being able to descend to the original cellars that must have housed a huge stock of wines when Wellesbourne House was occupied by Daisy and Willy Low. I’m pleased to report that no changes appear to have been made to the structure of the cellars since their construction in the mid 19th century. More recently the cellars housed the document archives for an engineering company that moved out so there was nothing to hinder my photography.

I do feel though that a picture is worth a thousand words (sorry Stacy!) and perhaps it is now time for me to perform “The Reveal” on my newly created photo website. I hope this website will enhance and support Stacy in her researches and indeed become an interesting resource for Girl Scouts of U.S.A. Although it is early days yet I have uploaded many recent photos of Wellesbourne House and Wellesbourne village. 

You will see from the subjects and locations that I’ve listed on the right side of the home page that there are many collections that I plan to tackle in the future and I hope that it will be an ongoing gallery with regular collections and updates being made. A feature on the website home page allows you to register your e-mail address to receive an auto-response whenever I create a new collection. 

I do hope you enjoy taking a look. You can send me messages and leave comments and gentle criticisms directly from the home page.

Click HERE to go to the website.  The address is http://evergreen.zenfolio.com