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Theodore Roosevelt: In the Vanguard of the Modern

Theodore Roosevelt exerted profound influence on the lives and minds of Americans. In this, the fifth volume of the Creators of the American Mind series, Stacy Cordery creates an engaging biography of this influential president by presenting the copious writings and discussing the short- and long-term impact of Theodore Roosevelt’s actions. Praised for its fair and thorough coverage, this text is perfect for use as a core or supplementary text in university classrooms.


“Cordery has supplied the best one-volume introduction to Roosevelt and his fascinating life for today’s undergraduates. It has balance, readability, and a sound sense of Roosevelt scholarship….Cordery is judicious and interesting throughout….” –Lewis L. Gould, The Modern American Presidency

“[Cordery] presents a well-realized portrait of Theodore Roosevelt and it builds a convincing case for the thesis that he was not only ’in the vanguard of the modern,’ but also a ’maker of the American mind.’” –Stephen Webre, Louisiana Tech University

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